Augusta Outdoor Expo



Augusta Outdoor Ministries, Inc.

AOMThe Augusta Outdoor Expo is presented by Augusta Outdoor Ministries, Inc. an entity setup to host the expo each year and use any excess funds from the event for the sole mission of spreading the gospel message and promoting recreation in the outdoors.

It is the mission and purpose of Augusta Outdoor Ministries, Inc.  to introduce the gospel to people who have not heard Christ’s message, encourage new believers in their faith, serve others for the purpose of Christ through different outdoor activities, and create opportunities for young people to become involved in outdoor activities.  Augusta Outdoor Ministries, Inc. uses sports such as hunting, fishing, archery, etc. to create an outlet for sharing the gospel with others.  This organization stands firmly on the Bible, where Christ commanded believers to go out into the world and make disciples of men.  Augusta Outdoor Ministries’ primary purpose is to tell others about the redemptive power of Christ.  We will seek to encourage people in their faith through events that may include guest speakers or Bible studies.  Another passion of ours is to give youth opportunities to experience new outdoor activities that may lead to a lifelong love and respect for wildlife and the outdoors.

The inspiration for creating Augusta Outdoor Ministries, Inc. came from a desire to reach men who have not heard the message of Christ and the overwhelmingly positive response to an event held at a local church.  In our experience, men can be “turned off” by the misconception that all church activities are stuffy and boring.  To clarify, Augusta Outdoor Ministries, Inc. is not a church.  We are, however, seeking to share Christ’s message in the Bible and hopefully help them find a church where they can grow in their faith and serve God.  We are not seeking to bring them into any particular church or denomination, only one that teaches and applies the truths of the Christian faith.